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The Best Connection Southampton

Why the Best Connection?

People come to The Best Connection because we are trusted specialists in what we do. And, after over 20 years of operation and expansion, we are now the UK’s leading supplier of staff to the industrial, driving, retail and warehouse & distribution sectors. So, let’s take a look at some more reasons why you’re in safe hands.

Well, there are the 11,000 clients we service. Just consider the variety and choice of work placements open to you. That includes the days and times you prefer and the length of contract you are happy with. You can experience many roles and activities before committing to a full time job that you know you’ll like.

Then there’s the skills you’ll develop along the way and the references you can gain to help your career in the future. And if you are keen on working in a new location, we have 70 branches that can cater for this too. Nothing’s too much trouble.

Now let’s consider who will be supporting you. As well as the highly trained consultants that gain a thorough understanding of your needs, you have a quality company, ISO 9001:2008 certificated that pays top rates – often with bonuses – overtime at premium rates and paid holidays. And that’s straight into your bank account each week giving you complete peace of mind.

As a Temporary worker with The Best Connection, you might ask what the experience is really like.

As you might expect, to begin with we need to get to know you and you need to understand how we work. We talk about your experience and requirements and, should you join the business, you receive an in-depth briefing to explain your duties and responsibilities whilst working at one of our client's sites. Preparation is all important.

Our ‘take-on’ briefing document has all the information you need for getting started and includes important details covering who to contact, your responsibilities and important procedures such as your contract of employment, timesheet process, getting paid and rates of pay, health & safety, reporting damaged goods, working time regulations and data protection. We make sure you are told everything you need to know for you work placement.

There’s a lot to consider but we have it all covered for you. Take a look at our Temporary Workers and Employees page for further details.

Now let’s talk about insurance. We take personal safety very seriously and make sure that our employees are well prepared for work placements. Inductions are carried out and any related training undertaken. As a result, accidents are rare but do happen from time and this can lead to long-term unemployment. So, what have we done about it?

We have introduced our own Personal Accident insurance scheme that offers wage protection. The scheme has been arranged through Jobson James Insurance brokers, our appointed FSA regulated representatives. We think it’s a good deal so it’s worth considering for that all important peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more, take a look at our Personal Accident Insurance section.

Being treated well and with equality – regardless of your colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status or disability - is very important to us. We make sure these principles are upheld in our business processes and adhered to by our employees. Job promotion is based on performance and ability so everyone has an equal chance to progress.

The Best Connection is a member of the REC and abides by its code of practice which is approved by the Equal Opportunities Commission. Recruitment processes are stringently monitored by the business to ensure that discrimination does not occur.

Click here to view REC Members Code of Good Recruitment Practice

During your take-on briefing you will learn what responsibilities are expected of you when you are working at any of The Best Connection’s clients’ sites.

We have a contract with all of our clients which gives them responsibility for your health and safety and welfare during your employment period. This includes maintaining adequate Employer's and Public Liability insurance cover.

You will have a responsibility to co-operate with the client's staff and accept the direction, supervision and instruction of any responsible person in the client's organisation and to abide by the client’s rules and regulations.

Our recruitment and selection process is fair and thorough.

We need to understand that you have the right skills and background necessary to carry out the job role that you would be assigned to so we set some tests for you. These may include reading, writing, number skills and working with your hands. We may also request references and undertake Police checks if necessary.

We want you to be assured that our recruitment process is professional and fair. To confirm our commitment to this, we are quality approved (ISO 9001:2008) and abide by legislation and code of practice.

Paperwork is also kept to a minimum but we do need to keep relevant records which may include work eligibility, agreements, your test results, qualifications, certificates and licences you may hold and employer references.

Interviews are held by consultants at our local offices and overseen by the Branch Manager. Successful applicants are given an induction.

These are some of the temporary job roles you might be interested in:

Assemblers Braziers Electrical Assemblers Electrical Fitters
Electricians Fettlers Labourers Machine & Press Operators
Machine Tool Fitters Mechanical Fitters Panel Wirers PCB Assemblers
Powder Coaters Pipefitters/Plumbers Production Operatives Polishers
'A' Frames ADR Drivers Box Vehicles Crane
Curtain Siders Demountables Draw-Bar HGV (All Classes)
HIAB/Atlas Low Loaders Multi-drop Non-HGV
Plant Drivers Refrigerated Tankers Skips
Cleaners Counter Balance Driver's Mates Exhibition Workers Export
Packers FLT Drivers (cert General Labourers Loaders
Order Pickers Packers Reach Truck Stock Controllers
Traffic Controllers VDU Operators Warehouse Operatives Warehouse Supervisors
We have a contract for services (not employment) with all temporary employees. If you are a temporary employee please refer to ‘Temporary Employee’ section of the website.

Under the contract The Best Connection will pay an agreed hourly rate to the temporary worker for all authenticated timesheets submitted and be responsible for the deduction of NI, PAYE and other deductions. The contract also explains working time regulations relating to paid annual leave, rest periods and working hours and rules of acceptance of any assignment. These include:

The temporary worker must co-operate with the client's staff and accept the direction, supervision and instruction of any responsible person in the client's organisation
Rules and regulations relating to the client's workplace must be obeyed
Unless prior arrangements are agreed, you must conform to the clients' normal hours of work
The temporary worker must take all reasonable steps to safeguard their own safety and the safety of any other person who may be present or affected by their actions on the assignment and comply with the health and safety policy of the client
They must NOT engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the client
Should we need a reference, the following information is requested:

Period of employment
General appearance
Standard of work
Employer’s willingness to re-employ
Type of work undertaken
Special equipment or machinery used
Attitude to work
Reason for leaving employment
Other relevant information
We hold the following insurance cover:

Public Liability insurance £5M
Employer’s Liability insurance £10M
Client companies are legally obliged to offer similar policies
Your safety is our number one priority. We:

provide a safe and healthy work environment for our full-time staff. We assess the risks associated with our premises and working practices and then take action to minimise those risks
minimise the risks to our temporary workers whilst working on assignments. We assess our clients' management of health and safety, together with information provided by the clients and then take the appropriate action
encourage our full time staff and temporary workers to use safe working practices and to inform management of health and safety issues
comply with the statutes and regulations relating to health and safety at work. We allocate resources to identify and interpret the relevant regulations. Our procedures are then revised as required
comply with OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Our health and safety management systems are subject to audit
continually improve our management of health and safety. We use the results of audits and measurement, together with reports from our employees and clients, to identify areas where we need to improve
Annual Risk Assessment audit and report findings
Risk Assessment revised in light of hazards
Staff induction and access to help-desk
We accept joint responsibility with our clients
Client audits and questionnaires undertaken
Client induction processes negotiated
Health assessment assists job placements

The Best Connection Group specialises in supplying flexible workforce solutions to the industrial, warehouse, distribution & logistics, retail industries.

Maintaining an optimal balance between workload patterns and people in order to fulfill clients’ needs is what we do. And we are brilliant at it. Tackling the dynamic ebb and flow of demand requires an agile partner with the capability to serve local

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